June 23, 2021

Rebecca Corliss, VP Marketing at VergeSense

Rebecca Corliss, VP Marketing at VergeSense

In this episode of the B2B Digitized Podcast, you’ll be introduced to Rebecca Corliss, VP Marketing at VergeSense. Rebecca is based in Boston and will share her thoughts on marketing for startups.

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Rebecca Corliss began her career at HubSpot, where she was one of the first 50 employees and created a program called Inbound Marketing University which later morphed into today’s HubSpot Academy. After eight years at HubSpot, she left to rejoin the startup world. In her free time, Rebecca is an “aca-preneur” and professional singer -- she has founded two Boston-based a cappella groups, including The Eight Tracks.

Listen to the full episode of the B2B Digitized Podcast to learn more about:

Building marketing teams from scratch
Finding empathy with your buyer in a B2B context
Hiring the best of the best, most ambitious people for your marketing team
Starting client relationships by answering questions they have
Using data to validate marketing strategies
Why B2B marketing is the fun marketing


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